my eyes hurt......owwwwwww

i have neglected my livejournal so much ever since I got a myspace. lol. i waste too many hours of my life on myspace. gah! oh well, it's far too entertaining. hmm lets see whats new?...oh1 I tried sushi for the first time today. I was really scared to eat it at first, but once i did, I was surprised to discover that it was pretty good. I went to some japanese resturant with my sister. Sometimes I really love my sister. I love being able to talk to her about things, but a lot of the time she's not around. I'll be glad when summer's here and I can spend more time with her. i guess one of the reasons i love talking to my sister is because she's so intelligent. she always offers good advice, and talks back (i mean that in a good way). One thing that I can't stand is when you try to talk seriously to people, and they have nothing to offer in return, and they don't say much. I like to be able to see other ppl's perspective on things too. anyway, it was good talking to my sister about an scenario that occured's a long story, but it has to do with my mom and I. gah, i was so angry and upset and crushed lastnight because of something my mom did. I really wanted to get drunk or something, but unfortunately that didn't happen. oh well. sigh....i'm really bored today and i don't have anything to do. I might go shopping with natalie, but i dunno..i don't have any $ and i haven't showered. sigh. and for some reason my eyeballs hurt A LOT. I have no idea why. well, i might go shower or something. <3 <3 <3
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palyin sick at home. har har har.

Okay so I got to my dads house a while ago. Until now, i've been at katy's since thursday night. lolz. good times. we had alotta fun. I'm supposed to be working on a paper right now. actually 2 papers. I played sick today so that I wouldn't get zeros cuz i was mainly partying all weekend and couldn't find the time to finish them . its my own damn fault. I'm so irresponsible. I'm the worst procrastinater. (sp) and to prove that, I'm STILL procrcastinationg by posting in my lj and listening to al green instead of doing the stupid papers. arg, well im gonna go. peace.
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boredom. walla walla walla.

I'm just sitting here in the media center and I'm really bored. I don't even know what I'm doing here or supposed to be doing here. Its lame thats all I know.
grrr. this week has been total chaos. There's been so much shit happening I can't even think of everything. So I guess my brother is under house arrest for a month and a half. If he breaks it he has to do 5-10 years jailtime. I didn't realize that the situation was that serious, but I guess it was. It's kind of a long story, but he pretty much beat up a kid and some other things. What an idiot. lolz, it sucks thats he's (house) arrested over spring break. and he can't have ppl over. thats torture. hah, well he deserves it for being an ass. arg, im bored.
I'm going over to katy's today, and I guess I'm pretty much staying there for like, 4 days maybe. lolz. katy i hope you don't get to tired of me.
i have grown completely careless of my typing. who needs grammar anyway? i hate having to push the shift button just to make one letter bigger. so i ain't gonna do it no more bitches. just kidding. wow, im getting annoying. maybe ill go. its almost 325. well, serenity.
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the perks of being wallflower

I just finished a good book earlier called the perks of being a wallflower. I really fell in love with this book as I was reading it. i might read it several more times, but I think i'm gonna lend it to tori for a while (even though it's not my book). Lawl, 3 people have asked to borrow that book. i'm like no bitches! It ain't even my book! hah, well anyway, the book is about this guy named Charlie who writes letters to a person whose is unknown. his letters are basically about his life as a freshmen, and all the things he does. it sounds like a boring book, but I love the way it's written and the character's voice. so yeah, now I'm sitting here enjoying a nice cup of apple juice. tehehe. i heart apple juice. it rocks. hard. lawl. well, i think I'm hanging out with Katie k in a while. i'm looking forward to seeing her. EUREKA! gah, i totally stole that from katy. sorry katy! but i thought that it was a good, unexpected moment to do that. lawl. well, peace everyone!
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prepartion for homecoming

lolz, I apologize for the gigantic picture of my guitar. I forgot to resize it before posting it...oops. anyway, I'm about get ready for homecoming. I guess I'm kinda excited cuz I have a date! :) well, I gotta go. I'll post again later tonight. peace everyone.